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work day

What Does It Do?
Use this function to calculate a past or future date based on a starting date and a
specified number of days. The function excludes weekends and holidays and can
therefore be used to calculate delivery dates or invoice dates.


The result will normally be shown as a number which can be formatted to a
normal date by using Format,Cells,Number,Date.

StartDate Days Result
1-Jan-98 28 35836  =WORKDAY(D4,E4)
1-Jan-98 28 10-Feb-98  =WORKDAY(D5,E5)


The following example shows how the function can be used to calculate delivery dates based upon an initial Order Date and estimated Delivery Days.
Order Date Delivery Days Delivery Date
Mon 02-Feb-98 2 Wed 04-Feb-98
Tue 15-Dec-98 28 Tue 26-Jan-99
Bank Holiday Fri 01-May-98
Xmas Fri 25-Dec-98
New Year Wed 01-Jan-97
New Year Thu 01-Jan-98
New Year Fri 01-Jan-99

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