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week day

The result will be shown as a normal number. To show the result as the name of the day, use Format, Cells, Custom and set the Type to ddd or dddd.


The following table was used by a hotel which rented a function room. The hotel charged different rates depending upon which day of the week the booking was for. The Booking Date is entered. The Actual Day is calculated. The Booking Cost is picked from a list of rates using the =LOOKUP() function.

Booking Date Actual Day Booking Cost
7-Jan-98 Wednesday  £                 30.00
 =LOOKUP (WEEKDAY(C34), C39:D45)
Booking Rates
Day Of Week Cost
1 £50
2 £25
3 £25
4 £30
5 £40
6 £50
7 £100

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