Separate names

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Separate names

I Need to separate names in excel worksheet.

1. How I can separate names in excel?

Solution(step by step)
Separate names in Excel.

1. Select the cells of list of the names that you want to separate.
2. Click on DATA tab in top bar.
3. Click on Text to columns button in data tools group
4. Convert Text to Columns Wizard Dialog box will open.

5. Click on Delimited option in this dialog box and click on Next Button.
6. Click on check box of space and click on Next button.

7. Click on first name list and then click on General option.
8. Same like fist name list click on last name list and then click on General option.
9. Click on Destination bar and click on choose destination button.
10. Select your destination and click on right side corner button.

11. Click on finish button in Convert text to columns wizard dialog box.
12. Names will be seperat in selected destination.

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