Recover Unsaved

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Recover Unsaved

I Need to recover unsaved excel file.

1. How I can recover unsaved excel file.?

Solution(step by step)
Recover unsaved excel file.

1. Open a new Excel workbook.
2. Click the ‘File’ tab

3. Click on ‘Open’
4. Click the Recent Workbook option (it’s at the top-left)
5. Click the ‘Recover Unsaved Workbooks’ button which is at the bottom
6. In the dialog box that opens, scroll through the list of unsaved Workbooks and open the one you want.

7. Save the file (using the ‘Save As’ option) with a different name in the location of your choice.

Note : By default, Excel saves a copy of all the unsaved files at the following location:
C:\Users\[YourSystemName]\AppData\Local \Microsoft\Office\UnsavedFiles