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What Does It Do ?
This function produces a random whole number between two specified numbers.
The random number will change each time the spreadsheet is recalculated or F9 is pressed.


No special formatting is needed.

Low High Random
5 10 6  =RANDBETWEEN(C4,D4)
1 49 26  =RANDBETWEEN(C5,D5)


The following table shows how the =RANDBETWEEN() has been used to generate six numbers to use for the National Lottery. Note that the function does not check to ensure all numbers are unique, the same number could be generated twice or more.

Lottery Numbers The Winning
1 49 40  =RANDBETWEEN ($C$24,$D$24)
34  =RANDBETWEEN ($C$24,$D$24)
Press function Key 49  =RANDBETWEEN ($C$24,$D$24)
F9 to recalculate. 35  =RANDBETWEEN ($C$24,$D$24)
8  =RANDBETWEEN ($C$24,$D$24)
8  =RANDBETWEEN ($C$24,$D$24)
32  =RANDBETWEEN ($C$24,$D$24)

Duplicates! Spin again

{=IF(SUM(1/COUNTIF(E24:E30,E24:E30))<>7,”Duplicates! Spin again”,”All OK”)} This formula is used to determine whether all the numbers are different. It is entered as an array using Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

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