Edit drop down list

Edit drop down list

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Edit drop down list

I need to edit drop down list in excel worksheet.

1. How I can edit drop down list in excel worksheet?

Solution(step by step)
Edit Drop Down List in Excel

1. Add the item to list and Select the cells of the list.
2. Click on Data tab on the top bar.

3. Click on Data Validation button on Data tools group.

4. In data validation dialog box click on settings.
5. In data validation criteria click on down arrow of allow
6. Click on List option.

Edit drop down list
7. Click on Source and then click on first cell of source list.

8. Press and hold shift key and then click on end cell of source list
9. Click on OK button.
10. New items are added in the list.
11. To remove item from list click on that cell and press delete button.
12. Item will get remove from list.


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