DAYS 360

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days 360

What Does It Do?
Shows the number of days between two dates based on a 360-day year (twelve 30-day months).
Use this function if your accounting system is based on twelve 30-day months.

=DAYS360(StartDate,EndDate,TRUE of FALSE)
TRUE : Use this for European accounting systems.
FALSE : Use this for USA accounting systems.

The result will be shown as a number.

StartDate EndDate Days Between * See the Note below.
1-Jan-98 5-Jan-98 4  =DAYS360 (C4,D4,TRUE)
1-Jan-98 1-Feb-98 30  =DAYS360 (C5,D5,TRUE)
1-Jan-98 31-Mar-98 89  =DAYS360 (C6,D6,TRUE)
1-Jan-98 31-Dec-98 359  =DAYS360 (C7,D7,TRUE)

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