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What Does It Do?
This function calculates the difference between two dates. It can show the result in weeks, months or years.

FirstDate : This is the earliest of the two dates.
SecondDate : This is the most recent of the two dates.
“Interval” : This indicates what you want to calculate.
These are the available intervals.

No special formatting is needed.

First Date Second Date Interval Difference
1-Jan-60 10-May-70 days 3782  =DATEDIF (C4,D4,”d”)
1-Jan-60 10-May-70 months 124  =DATEDIF (C5,D5,”m”)
1-Jan-60 10-May-70 years 10  =DATEDIF (C6,D6,”y”)
1-Jan-60 10-May-70 year days 130  =DATEDIF (C7,D7,”yd”)
1-Jan-60 10-May-70 year months 4  =DATEDIF (C8,D8,”ym”)
1-Jan-60 10-May-70 month days 9  =DATEDIF (C9,D9,”md”)

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