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date value

What Does It Do?
The function is used to convert a piece of text into a date which can be used in calculations. Dates expressed as text are often created when data is imported from other programs, such as
exports from mainframe computers.


The result will normally be shown as a number which represents the date. This number can be formatted to any of the normal date formats by using Format,Cells,Number,Date.

Date Date Value
25-dec-99 36519  =DATEVALUE(C4)
25/12/99 #VALUE!  =DATEVALUE(C5)
25-dec-99 36519  =DATEVALUE(C6)
25/12/99 #VALUE!  =DATEVALUE(C7)


The example uses the =DATEVALUE and the =TODAY functions to calculate the number of days remaining on a property lease.

The =DATEVALUE function was used because the date has been entered in the cell as a piece of text, probably after being imported from an external program.

Table 1:
Property Ref. Expiry Date Days Until Expiry
BC100 25-dec-99 -7347
FG700 10-july/99 -7515
TD200 13-sep-98 -7815
HJ900 30/5/2000 #VALUE!

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