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What Does It Do? This function counts the number of items which match criteria set by the user. Syntax =COUNTIF(Range Of Things To Be Counted, Criteria To Be Matched) The criteria can be typed in any of the following ways. To match a specific number type the number, such as =COUNTIF(A1:A5,100) To match a piece of text type the text in quotes, such as =COUNTIF(A1:A5,”Hello”) To match using operators surround the expression with quotes, such as =COUNTIF(A1:A5,”>100″) Formatting No special formatting is needed.
Item Date Cost
Brakes 01-Jan-98 80
Tyres 10-May-98 25
Brakes 01-Feb-98 80
Service 01-Mar-98 150
Service 05-Jan-98 300
Window 01-Jun-98 50
Tyres 01-Apr-98 200
Tyres 01-Mar-98 100
Clutch 01-May-98 250
How many Brake Shoes Have been bought. 2 =COUNTIF(C4:C12,”Brakes”)
How many Tyres have been bought. 3 =COUNTIF(C4:C12,”Tyres”)
How many items cost £100 or above. 5 =COUNTIF(E4:E12,”>=100″)
Type the name of the item to count. service 2 =COUNTIF(C4:C12,E18)

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