Convert excel to word

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Convert excel to word

I Need to convert excel worksheets to word.

1. How I can convert excel worksheets to word.?

Solution(step by step)
Convert Excel Worksheets to Word.

Method 1 (Copy Paste)
1. Select the excel sheet that you want to convert to word.
2. Select the content in excel and copy content by Ctrl+C
3. Press Ctrl+A if you want to select entire worksheet.

Method 2 (insert Object)
1. Open microsoft word and click on insert tab in top bar.
2. Click on object button in text group
3. Object dialog will be open.

4. Click on Create from File option.

5. Click on Browser button.
6. Select the microsoft excel file that you want to convert
7. Click Insert Button and then click OK button.
8. Your excel file will be convert into word file.


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