convert excel to google sheets

Convert excel to google sheets

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Convert excel to google sheets

I need to convert excel to google sheets.

1. How I can convert excel to google sheets?

Solution(step by step)
Convert Excel To Google Sheets

1. First we need change convert settings in google account.
2. Open Google Drive and click on settings icon at the right top side.
3. Click on settings option.

4. Check on the Convert upload box, which will convert all desktop flies to google docs editor format.
convert excel to google sheets

5. Click on Done button.
6. Click on New button on left button.

7. Click on Flie upload button.

8. And select your Excel file and upload it on google drive.
9. After upload is complete Right click on your file on google drive.
10. Click on Open with Option and select Google Sheets.

11. Your excel file will get converted into google sheets.

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