Compare Two Columns

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Compare Two Columns

I Need compare two columns in Excel sheet.

1. How I can compare two columns in Excel?

Solution(step by step)
Compare two columns in Excel.

1. Lets compare two columns with fruits name

2. Lets compare Column A and Column B and find which cells in column C matches.
3. Click on the cell of excel sheet where you want result of compare values.
4. Click on Formula Tab on top bar.
5. Click on Logical button in Function Library group
6. Click on IF oprtion on drop down.

7. Function Arguments dialog box will be open.
8. Click on Logical_test and write Cell name of columnA=cell name of coulmn B
9. Write ‘Match’ and ‘No match’ in ‘Value_if_true’ and ‘Value_if_false’ box respectively

10. Click OK button.
11. Result will be appear on selected cell of column C.
12. Take cursor to down of cell and drag the cursor to all cells of column C.

13. Results of all cells of columns C will be appear
14. This is how we can compare values between two columns.