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What Does It Do?
This function tests two or more conditions to see if they are all true. It can be used to test that a series of numbers meet certain conditions. It can be used to test that a number or a date falls between an upper and lower limit. Normally the AND() function would be used in conjunction with a function such as =IF().

Note that there can be up to 30 possible tests.

When used by itself it will show TRUE or FALSE.

Items To Test   Result
500 800 TRUE =AND(C4>=100,D4>=100)
500 25 FALSE =AND(C5>=100,D5>=100)
25 500 FALSE =AND(C6>=100,D6>=100)
12 TRUE =AND(D7>=1,D7<=52)


The following example shows a list of examination results. The teacher wants to find the pupils who scored above average in all three exams. The =AND() function has been used to test that each score is above the average. The result of TRUE is shown for pupils who have scored above average in all three exams.

Name Maths English Physics Passed
Alan 80 75 85 TRUE
Bob 50 30 40 FALSE
Carol 60 70 50 FALSE
David 90 85 95 TRUE
Eric 20 30 Absent FALSE
Fred 40 60 80 FALSE
Gail 10 90 80 FALSE
Harry 80 70 60 TRUE
Ian 30 10 20 FALSE
Janice 10 20 30 FALSE
=AND(C38>=AVERAGE($C$29:$C$38), D38>=AVERAGE($D$29:$D$38), E38>=AVERAGE($E$29:$E$38))
Averages 47 54 60

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