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There are multiple ways to Go to referenced cell and to a referred worksheet in Excel

Below given go to referenced cell tricks are for you If you face difficulty reading complex reports and dashboards, where data gets summarized through formula from multiple worksheets.

In this brief article, I am going to share with you three simple tricks which would help you to go to referenced cell  quickly.

So, stop worrying ………….

Shortcut key Ctrl+[ :

First and most efficient way to go to referenced cell in excel is shortcut key Ctrl+[.  After selecting a cell which, contains a formula simply press Ctrl+[ . This would take you to the referenced cell and worksheet, which is referred to in the selected cell  formula.

Take off check mark from  Allow Editing Directly in Cell :

The second trick to go to referenced cell in excel is to take of check mark from  “allow editing directly in cell” option. For this go to, File — options —-advanced —editing options.

Create Hyperlink to go to referenced cell:

Third trick is to create a hyperlink  to referenced cell or worksheet. For this right click on the cell  and select hyperlink  from displayed menu to create a link.

All options work great. But my favorite trick is shortcut key Ctrl+[  to go to referenced cell of a worksheet.By the way what’s your favorite trick?

Remember you have to go back to the Report

Go to  referenced cell by using above discussed tricks is one way journey. Most of the time you have to come back to the report where from you jumped. For this either of these short cut key will serve the purpose.

From the reference sheet just press F5 or Ctrl+G and hit enter and it will take you right back on you report cell (given in Go To dialogue reference).

Go To Reference Sheet in Excel






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